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© January 24 2004
© by Silver
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Hamoric Love

Welcome to Harmonic Love! This is a MaRe shrine, and probably the first one in English! Well...probably...i couldn't find any other one in English ^^;;

Harmonic Love is made by Silver-chan! She has a major obsession with MaRe, and about all of her Beyblade fanfictions revolve around MaRe!
If you didn't know, "MaRe" is the common abbreviation for Max/Rei pairing, or the other way around...


July 3rd, 2004

I have affiliated with the MaRe fanlisting! Please join the fanlisting if you have not already! I was hoping to make another layout for this site, but unfortunately, i will need more fan arts/pics of max+rei together. Please help this site for this problem, okay? Then, i'll be able to create new versions of Harmonic Love...well...i'm deciding to change the title also!

Thanks for everyone who visited this site while i was away! I'm amaze at the amount of people coming here! Keep it up! I'll get Max and Rei to answer email questions, too! Also, i think some of the letters got deleted somehow, so if your question isn't on here, i'm so sorry! Please email me about it at harmonic_yaoi@yahoo.com or catch me on AIM at SilveryKitsune!

I appreciate everyone who's visiting! I hope people with drawing abilities can submit their fan arts to me! That way, i might pick your fan art to use for the next version of the MaRe layout ^.~ For now, i'm going to go and create a non-MaRe layout. I just can't find good pictures with the two together ^^;; Oh yeah, if you're a TyKa fan, tell me if you want some sections on them ^^. It's going to be mainly on MaRe though, but i'll give some TyKa fans a break from all that ^^;;.

Jaa~ I hope to speak with all of you again!